The O Snatcher 5000

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The O Snatcher 5000 is hands down the best toy on the market.  

  • Material:  Silicone+ABS
  • Function:  10 Mode Vibration
  • Power Source:  USB Rechargeable
  • Product Size:  14.1X4.3X.2CM
  • Waterproof:  100% Waterproof IPX6
  • Battery Capacity 300/mAH

Oral sex toys for women are a reasonably new creation but these toys feel totally different from any rabbit or want vibrator and are great for clitoral stimulation.  Many don't come into direct contact with your clitoris and instead send out magical pressure waves that get the area of your whole vulva going.  The result is a fuller, more intense orgasm and this is the one worth investing in!

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