It's all about how an outfit makes you feel!

It's all about how an outfit makes you feel, the purpose of fashion and beauty products is to help radiate your inner beauty outward!  There are no rules in fashion, if you feel good in what you're wearing, I can promise you you will look beautiful in it!!!   At Feeling Chic Boutique, we pride ourselves on offering size inclusive looks that are flattering on all body types.  Our mission is to offer a wide selection of trendy pieces that will look stunning on all ages and body types.   We are very conscience about fabrics and focus on the quality, fit, and feel of an outfit. 

Emma, Angie, and Jaime are all different heights, body shapes, and sizes and we strive to show pictures of each piece on all 3 of us. We are always available for size questions and if you follow up on Facebook you can see live video's of our favorite outfits and our FB lives with new arrivals, make up tips, and special deals!

Did you know we also carry a full range of beauty products!  From concealer, foundation, skin oils, brow stamper kits, magnetic lashes, to our volumizing lip plumping lip gloss we've got you covered for all things BEAUTY!  All of our products are hand selected by our in house Celebrity Make up Artist, she is the expert in all things beauty with over 22 years of experience! 

Shop at Feeling Chic Boutique and you will feel amazing in your own skin, we will make sure of it!!!


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